Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Truss your chicken?

I love kitchen gadgets and such just as much as anyone else who loves to be in the kitchen. One of the things I can't ever find when I need it is my butchers twine. Beautiful thick unbleached butchers twine that I paid $14 bucks for. When I DO find it, I cut the twine before trussing and it's too short or I forget to cut it and my hands have raw meat on them. So I don't bother with chicken or turkey. I love roasted chicken and roasted turkey, so this is awesome. Doing it this way is a TON easier. So here's how to truss your chicken without twine.

Either trim the wing tips and put them in a bag to save when you're making stock next OR tuck them under the body like this. I wish I could have gotten a picture, but yucky raw chicken hands. Let's see if  I can explain it. Hold the wing close to the body of the chicken, like it would normally rest. The wing tips should be pointing up almost. Take one tip and push it toward the chicken and then up past the breast and tuck it behind the chicken. ( should have gotten better pictures.). Sorry, next time. I found a video here though.

For the legs. UGH Seriously pictures. I'll get someone to take picture for me the next time I do this. There is some loose skin/fat at the end of the body of the bird,  cut a small slit like dime size in each one of the flaps. Take the drumstick on the opposite side of one of the slits and thread it through. Repeat with the other drumstick so that they look crisscrossed. I just searched this blog and I have never taken a picture of a Thanksgiving turkey trussed like this. How irritating.  I hope this makes sense, someday I'll have someone take a video of how I do this. It's very easy.
I'll try to remember to get a picture once they are out of the oven.
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