Thursday, September 16, 2010

Bento Box Giveaway.

Bento box giveaway! I posted about this giveaway HERE. But here are more details and finally a picture of the box!  I may have some accessories to include also.
I realized that this isn't a gender neutral box, and for that I am sorry. I need to start looking I suspect. This is a one tier, new still shrink wrapped box. There is some sort of divider, I can't remember if it's two trays or a divider in the middle and no trays.
SUMMER LOVE Photo contest.
This giveaway is for a bento box.
-Please send up to TWO entries/photos to Love-abounds AT hotmail DOT com
-deadline for entries is September28th 9PM EST
-Free shipping to US and Canada only. I'm sorry. International shipping there will be a small fee.
-Photos must be sent in JPG format and must be YOURS as in you have the right to use them for this contest.
...-I reserve the right to clarify any other rules as needed :)
to vote you just click the "like" button for that photo, vote on as many photos as you'd like and feel free to comment on any photo.
Voting ENDS on OCTOBER 6th 10PM EST time

Please send in those pictures and go VOTE HERE!!! Have fun!

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