Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Bento-13, 14, 15

Three lunches again today. I cut up some apples and decided to post how I did that HERE. I don't make pretty or fancy bentos, but these apples are so easy to cut. I also sent little forks, I just forgot to put them in for pictures.
Diva's lunch
Chicken Salad (I have a Curry Chicken Salad and a Cranberry Chicken Salad posted, this is just a no fuss one.) 
Turkey pepperoni
Apple slices (Ladybug and a diamond jester pattern)
Mini Moon cake (love these! So cute and there is a local Chinese Bakery here that I get them from)
Whole grain, gluten free crackers were sent separately. 
Piglet has 
Chicken Salad
Turkey Pepperoni
Apple slice 
Whole grain crackers like here sister too.
Piglet had 
Chicken Salad
 Italian Plum
Plain black beans (ew, but she loves them)
a cherry and apple chunks
and crackers

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