Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Easy ways to cut apples for Bento lunches.

All you need is a paring knife and a bowl of water with lemon juice to make these checker board, bunny rabbits/bugs, and jester diamond apples. Seriously so very easy.

For the checker board apple you need a good size slice of apple.
Once you slice and core the apple dip it in the lemon juice water bath. Then with the tip of your knife score the skin in a grid like this. After I score it, I dip it in the water bath once more.
 Then with the tip of the knife remove the peel to make a checker board. Or remove enough squares to make an initial or fun shape.
The rabbit, which sometimes looks like a lady bug to me. Go figure. Make sure you dip this in the water bath every few cuts.
Take a slice of apple, not a big one. and make a v cut/score on the skin on one end. It's hard to see in this picture, but easier in the next.
Once you get the V scored, take the tip of the paring knife and remove the center part of the peel.
Like this.
Now thinly peel the "ears" or wings back. Don't remove or cut through this.
 You can leave it alone, cut eyes, stick black sesame eyes on, cut a nose or find a pink nose. Just remember to give it a little bath in the lemon water.

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