Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Mr Bento 2010-2 and a fortune cookie that came true!

Spring Rolls (these do better wrapped in a damp paper towel then wrapped in plastic wrap
Dry roasted almonds
Fortune cookie
Champagne grapes
Plum and Asian Pear
Side note. The other day when we got these fortune cookies at a restaurant Piglet got one and it said "you will receive new clothing and have exciting adventures" A few days after that I came home with a new outfit for her and she lit up and goes "Mommy my cookie! My cookie is true!" I was like what are you talking about? "You remember the cookie I had you read me it said I would get new clothes!" I laughed, and looked for that fortune, you know for the lotto numbers. JK. Sort of.

See it all fits in there. I had to put the almonds in a bag but still.
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