Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Spring Rolls/Vermicelli Salad

These spring rolls are easy peasy. Tonight I made them assemble your own at the table. Spring rolls are a preference thing, you can put whatever you want in them. Tonight I used this Grilled Pork marinade on the beef and pork. Sometimes I braise the pork and poach the shrimp, tonight I put the shrimp on the griddle that I had on the table.
This is what I had on the table. I made a Almond hoisin dipping sauce. Diva is allergic to peanuts. I also had a nam pla dipping sauce with garlic, chilies, lime etc. We had Holy basil, mint, cucumbers, carrots, lettuce and scallions. I sat next to the griddle so the kids could be kept away. We just dipped the spring roll wrappers and place them on the girls plates.
A little about spring roll wrappers, I prefer a rice AND tapioca flour one. But it's just a preference. I found these on Amazon, word to the wise find a local Asian grocery. You'll be highly rewarded. No shipping and less expensive.

I had the griddle plugged in and on the table. I just cooked everything there. I sliced beef and pork and marinated it before we sat down.
Keep your kids away. I realize that's common sense, but there you go.
Also grease the griddle. You'll thank me for that one.

The wrappers take no time at all. Just a quick dunk in warm water, one at a time. Put it on a plate before it's too soft and let it finish softening. 
Assemble according to taste.
Vermicelli, shrimp, omelet...

carrot, mint, basil, cilantro...

cucumber, pork/beef... then just roll it up. Like you would an egg roll.

Easy. Promise. My 5 and 3 year old girls assemble their own.
Once you've rolled too many you can throw everything in a bowl (sans wrapper) and eat it like...
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