Monday, August 30, 2010

Let's pretend to be organized

Since it's the start of the school year, I thought I should pull out the drawers and organize my bento gear a bit. This is where I keep most of the smaller items.
Egg molds, ice cream sandwich molds which I use for eggs and rice, sausage cutter- that's the oval penguin looking thing, and some cookie cutters and a sandwich cutter. I have cute set of sandwich cutters on the way too!

Next is little bags, sandwich wrappers, little notes, bento belts, chopsticks, food dividers.

Sauce containers, dividers for boxes, my syringe for filling the bottles, cake decorator tips to use as funnels. I can't seem to find the actual funnel or sauce filler doo hickie. Go figure.
Little decorative picks, spoons, forks and such.
Cups and containers.
This ends up being the catch all drawer. Napkins, wet towel holders etc.
I keep my boxes somewhat organized in our sideboard.
I nestle them in baskets like this.
 Single/one tier boxes.
Stacked boxes, or tiffins. The red one is like a Mr Bento, but smaller.
I say somewhat organized because I can't find the box that goes with...
this bag. Oh well. It's around here somewhere.
But there you go, that's most of it and how I keep track of it all.
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