Saturday, March 6, 2010

GPAC Stuffed Brulee Strawberries

I was looking through desserts and I forgot to ever post this recipe I think! EEP. GPAC Stuffed Brulee Strawberries. What a horrendous picture, ugh, oh well. But the strawberries are easy to make.

GPAC Stuffed Brulee Strawberries
Powdered Sugar
Sugar for torching

Wash the strawberries, and take off the stem.  Hallow the strawberries out with a melon baller.  Leave the bottom so that the filling doesn't leak. Cut a sliver off of the tip of the strawberries so that they will stand up.
In a small bowl mix a little sugar- powdered, and Mascarpone cheese, and a little liquor if you'd like. Fill each berry with filling. Sprinkle with sugar and torch them with a creme brulee torch. Or put them under the broiler to caramelize the sugar.
You can also layer nutella and the mascarpone filling too.
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