Monday, August 10, 2009

Cutting parchment to fit a round cake pan

OK, most of you probably already know how easy it is to do this, for the rest of us... here's the how-to. I usually don't line the bottom of my cake pans with parchment. I have only done it for the Rainbow cake and two other cakes- Lemon poppy seed cake with strawberries and white chocolate frosting and a vanilla lime cake. All were layered. Other cakes layered or not I never bothered. It does keep the bottom of the cake nice and intact though. I hope I can make these directions make some sort of sense.

Tear a piece of parchment to the approximate size of your cake pan.

Fold the parchment in half, then in half again. Keeping the creased sides together and the open sides out.

Keep folding the parchment down into a triangle.

Once the parchment is folded down put the point of the triangle in the center of your pan and fold the excess paper to mark where you will make your cut.

Trim off the excess parchment.

Unfold the paper and place it in the pan.
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