Monday, August 10, 2009

Rainbow Cake

This crazy cake took forever for me to make despite it's simplicity. I had a hard time with the frosting and learned that stabilizing a white chocolate whipped cream frosting is a waste of time. The water in the Knox mixture curdles the chocolate. Oh well, lesson noted. Diva wanted a Rainbow cake with a unicorn on top for her birthday. She didn't specify what kind of rainbow, like on top of the cake or what so I thought this would be fun. There was no unicorn, I don't work with fondant. I just don't. Each layer of cake is 1 3/4 cups of batter and lots of food coloring gel- Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo- does that look indigo? and Violet. When all was said and done the cake was TALL, it was only 8 inches across. But it was tall. I used two wooden skewers to stabilize the cake, I just poked them all the way down through the layers.
The cake is vanilla with sprinkles, the frosting is stabilized whipped cream. (Which I ran out of whipped cream so when I got to my friends house- we were having dinner there, I finished frosting the back of the cake with *gasp* cool whip) I decided not to bother with the white chocolate after the failed attempts. It just goes to show you though, if you have a perfect recipe don't mess with it. I don't know why I tried to stabilize the frosting when it's always held up fine without.

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