Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Panda Buffet

Panda Buffet. Diva loves this place. It's one of her favorite restaurants. She asks to go almost every Sunday after church and DH and I usually groan and say no. It's a buffet, some Chinese American food, Mongolian Grill, Sushi bar... DH and I don't mind it but we don't prefer it. We certainly don't want to eat there every weekend. We usually tell her to wait for Papa and Po Tu to come because they love it there. So we go a few times when we have company. Luckily on weekends they have a fairly good spread. I took the girls on Easter Sunday, I couldn't find a tea room that was open. I was pleasantly surprised. The oysters on the half shell looked freshly shucked- generally I would warn anyone to stay away from oysters at a buffet but they have a great turnover. The sushi was good, I mean there was no fatty tuna or anything but it was good. Diva had THREE, I kid you not three bowls of clams the girl loves clams.
One of Diva's favorite things to eat...
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