Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I'm just here for the food...

I love food. I do, that's just a fact. Well, I love good TO ME food. I am not a food snob, I am perhaps a foodie. I don't believe for food to be good it has to be prepared by a chef working in a $200 a plate joint- although some of those joints have some good eatin'. I'll eat at a hole in the wall place if the food is good, and most likely it is. I have wanted to blog about eating out for a while now, but I am so limited in where I can go. I live in a dinky little town. In some ways it makes looking for good food more of a challenge, but for the most part we've got chain restaurants and plenty of "American-ized" places that have tweaked their recipes to make dishes more palatable to the average American. Whatever the average is anyway. There are a few jems here and there. They are a rarity, even more rare is a mother of three getting out to eat :-). The thought of taking pictures of food at a table in a restaurant might freak my hubby out a bit too. In a nutshell I am unsure where this blog will go. It may turn into a "how to photograph a pile of fries in the lighting at a McDonald's play place, because mommy needs a moment to myself"blog. ( Did I just mention McDonald's? I did, sad right?) Who knows where this will go, we'll see. Come along for the ride and I suspect we'll figure it out together. If anyone has any ideas let me know!
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