Sunday, July 13, 2008

Little Mermaid Birthday Party

What a DAY. It started off so beautiful, just overcast. And the kids did get to get into the water a bit. THEN it POURED. We stayed under the pavilion and did all the games there. The girls had so much fun, Diva was so excited to see her friends. Here is a picture of her with the giant armless mermaid cake, that I started decorating 30 minutes before I had to leave to get the party set up, that is why I never attached her Twinkie arms. Diva kept telling me how beautiful she- the cake was, so that's all that matters in the end. Piglet squealed when she first saw the cake. I had to tape two half sheet cake boards together to fit the thing on something portable. (By the way it's a whole wheat carrot cake with cream cheese frosting, although there is so much food coloring on there I might as well have made it a not so healthy cake LOL.)
I didn't put up any of the fish or jelly fish decorations that Diva and I made, they were so cute too but it was so very windy, I didn't even put up streamers. No graham cracker crumb sand on the table with sea shells, no Ariel confetti AND I forgot the batteries for the bubble machine. Oh well. I did put the goldfish crackers in the fishbowl though.

Here is a picture of Diva pulling a string from the Pinata, we didn't get one that the kids had to hit. The pull string seemed to go over well with them anyway. Excuse the blurred out face of the little girl, I didn't get any parents permission to post pictures of their child on the Internet, and I figured it would peeve me if someone posted without asking me first.

A couple of other games we had for the kids were pass the package and pin the tiara on Ariel, which is what Diva is doing in the picture. That's not a good picture of me but there I am, as I was looking through pictures tonight I couldn't believe how BIG I have gotten. Whew.

The girls were excited to open presents. They loved everything they got. When we got home I had them eat dinner and then let them take two each out of the packages to play with until tomorrow. What a blessing though, they had so much fun.
Piglet LOVES this cow, she's sleeping with it as I type.
Did you notice the weather in the above picture? This is what it looked like soon after.

One last thing, the jello fish "bowls" they have Swedish fish swimming in there. Some had mermaids and some had Parasols.

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