Thursday, May 29, 2008

Would you like to see how far behind I am???

I am pretty far behind... I am unsure I will get around to posting these. I am going to update them in my girls book and that may motivate me... but who knows...

Ok, I didn't need persuasion or to count reasons to marry my DH, the man is ... well he's just perfect for me- OK fine I admit it, he's hot, I'm shallow... so what?? However if he had not been so perfect... and hot, and he made me this blueberry ice cream when we first met? I would have dragged that man down the aisle and forged his signature on the marriage license if I had to. This ice cream is DIVINE... SO good... I can't wait until he gets home to make more... hey I am pregnant, I've got needs.

This delicious, gorgeous, perfectly medium to medium rare prime rib... goodness on a fork I tell you. SO good... Piglet ate a TON.

I served that bad boy up there with some custard-y yummy Yorkshire puddings...

And spicy fried onion strings... it was our last family meal together this week before DH left. (We also had Cherry turnovers)

Sauteed fresh spinach with. We love spinach around here.

Berry berry fruit smoothies, the reason I started making yogurt at home is because DH makes these incredible smoothies...

Steak sandwiches on onion rolls with sauteed onions.

Pumpkin bread pudding with homemade cinnamon ice cream, courtesy of DH. (The ice cream that is, although he does make a killer bread pudding.)

Chocolate Texas sheet cake, DH said it was too sweet for him, so the girls and I ate it. I made two one for our Pastor for his birthday. What I mean is I made one recipe but put it in two pans, not two whole sheet cakes LOL

A hot milk cake, with whole wheat flour. I used it like shortcake. Tender and yummy.
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