Friday, December 14, 2007

Grasshoppers are yummy...

I am unsure where to post this... I think it would be most appropriate at my Give Peas a Chance blog, because not only is it food related but it's definitely one of those "try it you might like it" foods. My parents brought some deep fried grasshoppers when they came to visit. I am the kind of mom that will let my kids try anything as long as it won't harm them. I am very squeamish about bugs, I hate grasshoppers, it is about all I can do to NOT scream and squeal like a school girl when I see them hopping around because I don't want my girls to be a wimp like me. But these were deep fried, well seasoned and I remembered that they tastes a lot like sweet shrimp heads that have been deep fried. Diva ate one and that was enough for her. Piglet ate a couple, I think she liked them, ignorance is bliss and for a 17 month old being handed a grasshopper it especially is. I had one, they are good but I can't get past the grasshopper part.
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