Friday, October 19, 2007

Lunch at home today, we're flooded in!

We've had LOTS of rain the past two days and today when DH tried to leave for work there were minivans stuck in standing water on our street. Needless to say, we're not going anywhere. I packed all these lunches and one snack because Diva was going to go to school, DH to work and Piglet and I were going to go to a spouses day at DH's work.
Diva's lunch today is a salad with romaine leaves, red bell pepper and carrots with Cesar dressing. The top right corner has a container of herbed olive oil for dipping her foccacia, two ginger thins and yogurt raisins. The lower left corner is roasted pork and muenster cheese on a toothpick and the foccacia, Recipe here. To the right of that is a fruit salad with kiwi, apples, peaches and star fruit.
This little breakfast is for Piglet, but since we were stuck at home we had cereal and she will have this with some cheese for lunch. She has the same fruit salad as the other lunches, cheerios and yogurt raisins.
I packed a little snack for Piglet, she and Diva can share it later on in the day. It's goldfish crackers, craisins, and cheerios. I might share it too, except the craisins they are much too much like raisins.
This one is mine, TLC crackers, laughing cow cheese, apple and peach skewers, a star fruit slice and roasted pork and muenster cheese. I also put a lychee jelly in there, I am sure Diva will snag it.
DH's lunch has salad, fruit salad and the pork and cheese. He has craisins and pistachios also. (And a lindt truffle)
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