Friday, April 12, 2013

DEAL ALERT- Personalized 3 Pc. Engraved Serving Set $19

LOOK What's on Pick Your Plum  today!  We have a set here in the Give Peas A Chance kitchen, I also have given sets as gifts. These are great tools and so well made. Take these to that pot luck with your favorite dish to share AND you'll be guaranteed to get your serving tools back, because they are beautifully engraved with your name.
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Here's a little cut and paste all about these beauties! 

These are awesome gifts! Think Mother's day. If it's a personalized gift she'll KNOW you thought about her more than just the day before. We're just helping you solidify your current favorite child status. You're welcome. 
Wedding season is quickly approaching. We bet the happy couple won't get two sets of these. Way to be different!
What about you? YOU are the hostess with the mostest. These fit your style and they will always find their way home. ;)
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