Tuesday, April 25, 2017

2017 School Lunches 149-155

Happy Tuesday! Not too many lunches because this was heading into Spring break and I divided the lunches between two posts. I hope you all are having a great week. It's been a little rainy this week. HOT on some days and chilly during others. Go figure.

In Yumbox containers.

Corned beef sandwiches, just cream cheese for Pixie.
Bell peppers
Dressing for dipping
Yumbox boxes.
More Yumbox lunches.
Above we have 
Chicken nuggets (I heat them in the oven in the morning, then let them cool so there's no condensation before packing them.)
Cucumber slices
York Peppermint patties

Soup. I think. I honestly don't remember. I do know that there is a waffle brownie in the bag though. Oops. Sorry.
Below are some pictures from Instagram:
Stuffed Jalapeno
Stuffed mushrooms
Made some Cherry Vanilla bean cupcakes for a team party!
Sushi I had for lunch after a hair appointment :).

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