Saturday, November 5, 2016

Beans and Legumes, Cheap Fall Vase Fillers

Happy Fall Y'all!! I thought I'd share what my vase fillers are. I was trying to figure out something to fill them with that was 
1. Cheap
2. Reusable
3. Something I don't have to change out until Christmas, or ever. So neutral.
SO, candy corn and candies while cute could potentially be expensive and draw ants. That and they are more specific to October I think. Coffee beans were on my list, but they are definitely not for the frugal! I decided on lentils and beans. Cheap, and they last and last. There are SO many varieties and colors. Black beans are pretty,  black eyed peas, orange lentils, so colorful.

I decided on chickpeas, yellow lentils, and mung beans. I almost layered them but I'm too ... particular. If they got messed up I would be sorting beans to put them in the "right" place. I decided one type per jar. I added candles, they are LED ones. I don't even know if I have batteries in them. I should invest in solar ones or something. But I don't think I'll ever light them. 

To keep the beans dry from any humidity I put desiccant  packs into the jars as I collect them. You can buy these but I just save them from pill bottles and stuff. Once I get them I just nestle them into each jar. I'm not sure if this will help or not but it can't hurt right?

If I get to the point where I want to change these out I'll just put them into air tight jars or vacuum sealed bags and store them with my holiday decorations. I think they came out so cute. I'll keep them up until Christmas because I have the cutest tree ever for my island that I picked up after the season last year. I'll move the jars either back to the dinning room or who knows where.

Right now I have this champagne container with some greenery up next to my nativity. On the other side I have a lantern and a bowl of apples.

Thanks for stopping by, have a great weekend!

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