Saturday, July 5, 2014

Summer Bucket List 2014

It's Summer around here! We decided we'd do a little bucket list even though it seems that summer is getting shorter and shorter :( I feel that the days are just rushing by. But I cam so incredibly blessed to be able to be home with the girls during this time. It's maybe a good thing no one seems to want to hire me :0.
We aren't traveling this summer, with no plans for anything and I'm so thankful for that. We've just been hanging out. It's been wonderful! I've been behind on blogging in general, but I assure you I'll be back full force. Or I'm praying so, right now I'm just soaking up my time with my family.
We had a bucket list last year and it was so much fun for us. You can see our list from last year HERE.
What are your summer plans?

In no particular order here are some things we'd love to do.
  1. Go to the pool (6/17)
  2. Georgetown Cupcakes (6/20, 6/30ish)
  3. Scripture (no need to record dates on this)
  4. National Park (6/15- Petersburg National Battlefield)
  5. Make Popsicles
  6. Go berry/fruit/vegetable picking (6/24)
  7. Library (No need to write down date for this I suspect, but done)
  8. Donate items to Purple Heart
  9. Sushi (6/30 ish)
  10. Water park
  11. Splash pad
  12. Zoo
  13. Biking as a family
  14. Play board game
  15. Picnic (6/23)
  16. Ice Cream out (6/19, 7/1)
  17. Canoeing
  18. Keep up with penpals, write more snail mail (No need to write this down each time, but the girls sent their first of the summer out 6/26)
  19. Lincoln Memorial
  20. Museum
  21. Aquarium
  22. Paint toes (done)
  23. Hide and Seek (6/23)
  24. Water balloon/water fight
  25. Wash car
  26. Library of Congress
  27. Fireworks (sorta, from our back yard- Fourth of July this year was perfect, we just relaxed at home)
  28. American Girl (7/1)
  29. Blow bubbles (Yes, done)
  30. Marbled paper
  31. Smore's (yes, done 7/4, 7/5)
  32. RAK- Random Acts of Kindness (Won't record these dates)
  33. Dance (Of course, done)
  34. Hopscotch
  35. Check on house progress (Won't record these dates)
  36. Road Trip (6/15)
  37. Draw (Won't record these dates- they are always drawing)
  38. Square tissue paper craft
  39. STEM stuff
  40. Kids in the kitchen (As much as possible, done)
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