Friday, April 18, 2014

Cuppow BNTO Gift Jars

I'm always late getting "holiday" posts up. Truth is, I blog as I go and I don't normally plan posts months ahead. If you are looking to be a great blogger, or even a successful blogger do not use my model of blogging :P 
Anyway, I think Cuppow rocks. I'm also a mason jar hoarder, I mean, fan. I think that using them as gift jars not only is eco friendly, but it's so fun! The gift recipient gets fun gifts AND the jar and Cuppow is a gift in itself! So Here's a fun little gift all "wrapped" up for you to see using a Cuppow lid and BNTO
From left to right-
Wonder Woman socks
Mason jar
Heart links
Hello Kitty Necklace
Lip balm
Nail polish
Cuppow lid and BNTO

How cute is that! It all closes up nice and tight. So very fun!

 A little about Cuppow, we've used them since 2012, you can see my review HERE. Since then the company has grown and the product line has expanded. However, what I love about Cuppow remains:
  • American Made
  • Environmentally Aware
  • Family Friendly- we use these lids for smoothies, coffee, water, to pour homemade dressings. They are great for sugar and other spices also. The BNTO are perfect for foods, salad in a jar, parfait, and more.
  • Free of BPA, phthalates, and BP
  • Charity- We are proud to commit 5% of profits toward supporting other like-minded organizations and domestic charities that focus on engaging people on environmental stewardship, recycling, and social awareness.

Above is a Thai beef salad layered in the jar. The BNTO cup has plain Greek yogurt with local honey. It closes up nice and tight!

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This is not a sponsored post. I just love our Cuppow!
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