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I love glass jars, especially mason jars. For drinking, canning, storing items in the pantry, storing items in the freezer. They are wonderful. I love re-purposing jars as much as I can. I use mason jars often for drinking, everything tastes better with glass in my opinion. The people at EcoJarz feel the same way! They recently contacted me to see if I would check out their wonderful products and offered up a giveaway for my lovely readers! Such wonderful products to tell you about!

Here's a little introduction to this great company
We are a young company focused on challenging the concept of throw-away culture. Our first product — the Stainless Steel EcoJarz Drink Top — is designed  to make reuse the new norm. Because our drink tops fit standard canning jars, they also fit hundreds of other bottles and containers that are disposed of everyday.This drink top will fit any standard mouth jar, whether it’s an empty tomato sauce, salsa, or mayonnaise jar. With EcoJarz, the possibilities of turning jars into long-lasting, always-handy, on-the-go drink vessels are almost endless. The idea for EcoJarz came to our friend Kirby, who has been resistant to drinking out of plastic since childhood. As an adult, tired of seeing so many expensive custom glass containers and plastic beverage bottles spring up on the market, Kirby decided it was time to get this waste-saving and human-safe product out there. 

Pretty awesomesauce right? Here are some great products from this smart company
Lids. EcoJarz has both stainless steel and silicone lids that fit any standard mouth jar. You just use one of their stainless steel rings or a mason jar ring to attach these lids on to your favorite "up cycled" jar.  Both of these lids have a generous opening that fits their smoothie straw, which I think is awesome. More on the straw later. The lid is easier to drink out of with the straw (for me), which is fine I prefer to use a straw, I tend to drink more when I do!

The silicone is FDA high grade, with no BPA or chemical leach. It is non reacting to hot or cold liquids. It doesn't have a funny taste. I think this is the better choice for hot drinks because it doesn't tend to get as hot as the stainless steel lid. That being said the stainless steel lid is my favorite. I just like shiny stainless steel. I think it's sleek. I also like that these lids will not rust!
Both lids come in wide and small mouth sizes, and are dishwasher safe. There's also an option to ship these without the packaging which is nice also.
Price point- Lids start at $5.99

My favorite product, and I love the lids! Is these smoothie straws. It sounds silly, but these straws are the perfect width. This is one of the reasons I reach for EcoJarz for smoothies, nice big opening- with straws that fit the bill! Those puny skinny straws don't cut it for a nice thick smoothie, or milkshake! At 9 1/2 inches long they fit those taller jars perfectly! Highly recommended, stainless steel, sturdy, and strong. There's even a straw cleaner. PERFECT!  There is a video on the EcoJarz blog of someone using one of these straws and a hammer to puncture a young coconut! Not a dent or bend in the straw and it worked great. Awesome.
They also carry glass straws, and the more traditional sized straws that are bent/curved. Which is perfect if you have little ones who like to tip a cup while drinking.
Price point: (Stainless steel smoothie straws) 2 for $6.50 

More wonderful products from EcoJarz

Stainless Steel Bands (No more rusty jar bands!)
Glass Jars (If you don't have one you can recycle/reuse)

Straw Cleaner  (You need this, it's awesome. I puffy heart mine)

Long Handled Spoons (Smoothies, Milkshakes, Parfaits... get every last spoonful with these long spoons)
all of these products can be found and purchased on the EcoJarz site.

Where to find EcoJarz
Twitter- @EcoJarz
Instagram- @EcoJarz

Enter to win of of THREE EcoJarz prize packs that will contain some of these items!
Tea Infuser and Stainless Straw with cleaner
One silicone small mouth lid and one stainless small mouth lid
One silicone WIDE mouth lid and one stainless WIDE mouth lid

If you are in the US, have a US address, and are 18 years of age or older, enter below to win. Read the rules HERE, first.
Disclaimer: I was provided a free sample/s of this product to review, and I was under no obligation to review it if I so chose.  Nor was I under any obligation to write a positive review or sponsor a product giveaway in return for the free product. All pictures are from the companies site, unless noted.
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  3. I like these Silicone Wide Mouth Drinktops
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