Friday, August 2, 2013


I took this picture while the girls were swimming one day. In the creek. EWW. I'm talking live fish, half dead fish, fish poop, all that stuff. I was like UGH, don't open your mouth! LOL. I'm such a spaz.


My story.
It's complicated, in some ways anyway.
But it's mine.
I mean when you boil it all down and plot it on the timeline of eternity it's not so complicated.
It is the story of -
Chaotic Balance
Being a mama.
Just life.
But life... it isn't "just".
It's pretty stinking-
Went to dinner with a friend this week.
It was so perfect.
The timing, the place.
The company, expected and unexpected.
I just needed to get away.
I needed and craved adult conversation.
I needed to not be seen as just a mom.
Being a mom is a big part of my story.
But it's not the only part.
I have three kids.
(And Piece Of Me just popped into my head. Yes, Britney... Spears. Kinda fitting.)
I can't would never want to change that.
Being a SAHM in a city of PHD's and career driven people isn't easy though.
There's NOTHING wrong with being career driven.
NOTHING wrong with working parents.
Working moms.
Let's face it, some mom's are BETTER mom's because they are working.
Some mom's want to work, some mom's need to work.
But all mom's work. Even the SAHM's.

(Holy cow, I just rambled and made no sense. Hello, that's so me. I can't write my story in 5 minutes.)

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  1. "But life ... it isn't 'just.'"

    That's a good thought. It's always more and other, isn't it? Always too big to tell in five minutes. (Which is a thing to be glad about, after all.)

    Also, judging by the rocks in the picture, that's a very nice creek for swimming, even with fish and all their accessories. :)


    1. I agree. it's not "just" life
      it's such a huge blessing!
      the girls had fun and no one got sick :)

  2. I enjoyed your rambling. Looking forward to taking a look around!

  3. I can totally relate to wanting adult conversation. I'm currently working with Pre-K to 5th grade children in a school day care program for the summer. AAGGHH! I had to have dinner last night just to have a conversation with someone that did not start with "please sit down on your bottom and be quiet!"

    1. Right? or watch your drink, you need to move it up so it doesn't spill.
      sigh. It was a blessing.

  4. Life is never an "isn't" or a "just", either. I used to think that I was "just" a mom and wife, but wow, those two jobs are very important. You are more than a mom - you are a human being and a very busy one! Thanks for sharing and visiting me.


  5. Ha! Great post. Adult convo is imperative to sanity. I know right? Thanks for writing today. I loved your list. Perfect.


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