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Popar Toys- Augmented Reality Book Giveaway

I love books. My kids love books. By books I mean paper, covers, spines. Through books you can learn something new, escape to a faraway land. We have readers, but there's just something about snuggling up and reading or looking through a book together. I also know that we live in an age where so much can be learned through the technology of computers and tablets. Popar Toys combines the best of the two worlds. Traditional books and technology collide. Augmented Reality (AR) Books. I had no idea such a cool product existed. Popar Toys has created these books and toys that use AR and they are fun and amazing really. When Popar Toys says "Augmented Reading Experience" they aren't kidding. We received the Bugs 3D book to review. So I'll tell you about our experience with it. We had a choice between three books and Pixie just happens to be into bugs right now, and the American Revolution but that's a whole other post. The 3D aspect of our book makes it engaging, educational, and fun. There are cool facts, real pictures, great close ups. The "pop up" 3D objects and animations leap off the pages.
Let's start with Popar Toys and what Augmented Reality Books are, or what AR is. Augmented Reality is a concept that uses a webcam and computer or a mobile device to read or scan the book pages or black and white cards at the back of the book called paddles. Scanning the pages and paddles creates 3D objects and animations appear. You have to see it. It's crazy cool, my kids think it's awesome. You can see our personal pictures below.
First, here is more from Popar Toys about who they are and what they do- 
Popar Toys uses Augmented Reality (AR) technology to create an immersive reading
experience that will allow the user to see incredible virtually “real” 3D objects and animations that will pop off the book or cards. Popar Toys are designed to change the way families interact and experience stories, adventures, and learning. Augmented Reality (AR) is a groundbreaking concept that uses a mobile/smart device and special patterns to make amazing 3D objects and animations appear in the real world that provide a high degree of engaging interaction that maintain interest in all of the Popar Toy series. 
The National Parenting Center bestowed its highest honor, The Spring 2013 Seal of Approval, to Popar™ Toys' Princess And Her Pals 3D Book, that's big news since these people have probably seen every toy out there. Here's what they have to say about it- 
“In today's world of new gadgets and gizmos being released every week it's getting pretty hard to wow anyone anymore. Be prepared to be wowed.”

No doubt, these are not "just" books! Check out some of our pictures. We have been using my phone for this, but I think I'll download the FREE app
onto the girl's tablets to use.
For reference, this is the page in the Bugs 3D book on butterflies. When we move the phone over the page, this is what pops up-
I tried to take a picture so that you can see how it is 3D and the image pops up out of the book. Children can turn the object/animation around by swiping the screen, or tap on the object for more information and facts about the bugs.
I took this picture near a wall with the book flat, to give you a better idea. The dragonfly is hovering way above the book.
Below is what the paddles look like once you move your mobile device over the them-
The great thing about the paddles is, you cut them out. They can be used on the go! 
Popar Toys has books, maps, cards, and puzzles. We can't wait until the world map and solar system map ones are available.
Want to experience Popar Toys for yourself? Check out the Demo page HERE. Follow the instructions, use a dollar bill and you'll get a taste of how the books come to life.
Here are other books in the series, you can enter to win one below-

Where to find Popar Toys?

WIN one, by entering below.
If you are in the US, have a US address, and are 18 years of age or older, enter below to win. Read the rules HERE, first.
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Disclaimer: I was provided a free sample/s of this product to review, and I was under no obligation to review it if I so chose.  Nor was I under any obligation to write a positive review or sponsor a product giveaway in return for the free product. All pictures are from the companies site, unless noted.
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  1. I know my boys would love the Construction Machines 3D Adventure Kit. https://popartoys.com/shop/construction-machines-3d-adventure-kit/

  2. My Grandson would love the Dinosaurs 3D Book.

  3. My kiddos would go bananas for these! My son would be all about the Bugs 3D https://popartoys.com/shop/bugs-3d-book/ and my daughter would be all about Princess and Her Pals 3D https://popartoys.com/shop/princess-3d-book-2/

  4. I and my boy would like the insect!


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