Saturday, August 3, 2013

Dr. Seuss Party

I may have mentioned that it's birthday month around here. Or birthday season. As I'm sitting down to write this hurried post, I realized that all the posts I've had scheduled have already posted. That means I have nothing scheduled tomorrow, soooo I can sit down and procrastinate. I can put this post up real quick instead of making the banner for Diva's American Girl Ice Cream Social. Which is tomorrow.
I had a ton of fun putting this party together for Piglet. I found some printables on My Paper Lily. I made some labels, props, word bubbles in photoshop. I also had a ton of Seuss items from Target's 75% off $1 bin stuff. I have Seuss stuff coming out of my ears y'all.
 Piglet turned 7 in early July. WHaaattt?! Click that link. Seriously. And then just let it play a few times, then you'll know how I feel about birthday's this summer. Everyone is growing up too darn fast. I mean Pixie's going to school this year. Sure that means I'll get a "real" job and join the working world again but. She's my baby! Sigh.
Moving on. The room we had this party in is so TINY. Like 10x15 maybe? I mean for a party it was tiny. I just wasn't thinking we'd be IN the room. I figured we'd be out, riding the train, the carousel etc. I'm serious sometimes I wonder if I think things through, or if I just block stuff out. Regardless we did stay out of the room and we were able to just use it for food, and cooling down.
I didn't get good pictures, I was so rushed. We had 20 minutes to set up before the party. Then I was just busy. One of my favorite things was the photo booth pictures. I got such cute pictures of all the guests. I'm glad that Pixie was messing around and I got a picture to post so you at least get an idea of how the pictures turned out. No? Not really? Sorry. Just take my word for it. Cute.
I printed the props and laminated them. This is how I feel about my laminator-

It's the little things. So here are the props (below). I mounted them on chopsticks -disposable ones that I for some reason bought in bulk so I have 70+ pairs. Do you have a ton? If so, you should  make some wands. They are cool. I promise. See-
I'm all over the place today. Let's get back to Seuss.
Lorax moustache
Green eggs and ham
Cat in the Hat's Hat
Thing 1&2
Thing 1,2,3 circles (I made three because I wanted pictures of my kiddos with them)
Cat's bow tie.
There was also a Truffula Tree that we made with tissue paper and pipe cleaners. Diva helped me with those, she also made the little Whoville flowers that topped the cupcakes.
The moustache was a big hit.
I also had a word bubble that said Happy Birthday with Piglet's name on it. You can see it in the picture below with all the word bubbles.
Above are food labels. Once I decided what I wanted the labels to look like it was easy to put them together. I like how they turned out. The food was simple, fun, and light. It's not hard to find Seuss foods.
 I made some green eggs with candy melts and green M&M's
The fish were just Goldfish crackers.
The cookies I just purchased at the grocery store. Cut me some slack,  :P
 Three Cheese Trees- I took foam cones and covered them with paper. The cheese is stuck on there with toothpicks.
 The Grinch's Roast Beast- I just rolled up turkey and ham. Funny thing is I was stressing out that I didn't have any way to keep it cool sitting out. I found this muffin tray with a lid that I had washed and kept. I just put ice in the lid and placed the tray on top. It stayed very cool. I just gave alll the Pinterest hoarders and excuse to keep all those toilet paper rolls and Altoids tins. You're welcome. You're right, you just may need them. Some day. I did throw it away recycle it after.

 I bought a 6, or 8? Pack of these "juices". I use that term loosely. I'd say they are just tinted sugar water at best. Funny thing is, my kids were so excited to have them. Like they were a big deal. Poor deprived souls. That's a picture of Piglet drinking her juice. She wasn't having the dress, so yes, it's on backwards. I'm fairly good at picking which battles to wage/hills to die on, she's dressed right? (I just photoshopped the label.)
 Three Cheese Trees.

 Trufulla Fruits. Totally forgot these at home. That and a lighter. Who forgets a lighter for a birthday party? It's OK though I got pictures of Piglet, I told her to pretend she was blowing out a candle and I'd photoshop a flame in. She thought that was funny. I don't know how to photoshop a flame onto a candle. But eh.
The next three photos are cell phone pictures.
 Mr Brown Can Moo Juice (Chocolate milk)
Cupcakes are in the first picture. I made the ones in the polka dot liners. I got those from Pick Your Plum. I topped them with
 Pink Whoville puff flowers- with a little sign that said "We are HERE!"
Random circles from the party printable file

For party favors, like I said lots of Target stuff. The red and white chevron bags are from Pick Your Plum also.
Heart shaped crayons
Seuss Silly Bands
I wrapped bamboo skewers in Washi tape and made the centerpieces. The one on the gift table has this sign in it
It says-
One Fish
Two Fish
Red Fish
Thank YOU Fish (which doesn't even go together)
Thanks for joining us here to play. Grab some goodies and have a blessed day!

I also made these bookmarks for the kids. They have a Wocket, the message on the bottom says
"Thanks for coming here to play,
We're sorry we can't play all day.
As you go out the door, as your feet hit the floor,
don't forget your special Wocket.
Keep it safe within your pocket!"
I also put some Wockets on top of some of the cupcakes.

The kids got to ride the train and the carousel. Diva and her cousin also read a book. We didn't do games. It was fun though. Piglet loved it.
So now I have Seuss food labels and photo booth props. What do you think? Giveaway? Would you all use them? Anyone having a Seuss party?
Now that it's one in the morning I should get that birthday banner strung together for Diva's party this afternoon.
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