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Young Scientist Club- Magic School Bus Lab #Giveaway

My kids love science. I am so thankful for that. But I also know that it's something I need to nurture. I need to keep them engaged. Interested. I know that it's all too often that kids grow up quick, the crowd moves one way. Interests change. Shift. As a parent I want to guide and lead them to pursuits that are wholesome and educational. I know it won't always be as easy as when they are younger. But I'm determined to build a foundation that can be built upon. One fun way to keep them engaged and interested is experiments, reading, TV/DVD. Yes, TV shows like Magic School Bus. The books are awesome, including the chapter books.
When I was asked do a review on a Young Scientist Club I didn't think twice. If you haven't heard about the Young Scientist Club let me fill you in a little.
The Young Scientist Club is an award winning company that makes science kits for kids. The kits are educational and age appropriate for young scientists. With easy instructions, fun tools, and hands on activities there is something for everyone. Read more about the Young Scientist Club on their website.

We chose the Weather Lab to review,  I purchased the World Of Germs Kit not too long ago also! We love these kits! 

Here's what's included in the Weather Lab. I think this picture is a little more detailed than mine up top. Isn't the bus awesome? It's perfect for storing everything. Although our weather station is on our porch right now.  Just today I was asking the girls what they wanted to do and Piglet said "let's do another experiment!" The cool thing is, weather changes. It can be recorded and researched over and over. Even Pixie, who's 4 was able to help out. She helped us put the weather station together. Making the compass, simple as it is, was fun. The girls took turns spinning it and watching it point north again. 
Setting up is always fun! The girls took turns checking out the tools. Figuring how each one worked, what it did. The cards were very clear on what each instrument was, and it's purpose.
 Checking the temperature.
 It was a gorgeous day. Not a drop of rain, which was a little disappointing to my young scientist who kept going out to check for changes in the weather. To see if the wind had picked up at all.
Every body had to check it out for themselves. (They are in bathing suits because I kept them out most of the day, painting outside, experiments, water fights. You know summer stuff.)
The girls got a kick out of the condensation on my camera lens when we went from inside the house to outside...
Some experiments and activities were done inside. Like making rain.

Then one day we had a storm. (We did take some elements of our weather station inside)
See? This is a cell phone picture. But we had gone swimming and it was pouring after. But that was awesome news for recording how much rain we got. So we got home and checked the weather station-
Such a fun kit!
The Magic School Bus Weather Lab •
Ages 5 + • $39.99
Ms. Frizzle and her students take Young
Scientists on a wild ride with The Magic School Bus as they explore the weather. Young Scientists get to spin a pinwheel, make a tornado in a bottle, swirl a paper snake, recreate the water cycle, create a rain cloud, use a sundial, construct a barometer, catch a rainbow, and learn about the greenhouse effect. Youngsters become their own meteorologist by building the bus-shaped weather station with a thermometer, rain gauge, wind meter, wind vane, and compass. The weather is then tracked on the enclosed weather chart with colorful stickers. This captivating bus-shaped kit comes packed with lots of science components, 28 colorful experiment cards, weather station, weather chart, stickers, and data notebook to record observations.
 Here are just a few of the kits offered from the Young Scientist Club

Clifford The Big Red Dog Kitchen Science • Ages 3+ • $19.99 Clifford knows the kitchen can be a very intriguing place beyond a place to grab snacks and drinks. His friend Emily Elizabeth guides young scientists through captivating experiments with catchy titles such as test tube explosion, making slime, crystal star, crystal art, milk glue, colored celery, waking up fungus, fungus eats bananas, fungus in a tube, sticky ice, upside down trick, crystal garden, and exploding volcano. Young Scientists will feel like real scientists when they use the included colorful lab tray, measuring cup, test tubes, and funnel to perform their experiments!
Clifford The Big Red Dog Rainbow Science • Ages 3+ • $19.99 There won't be a pot of gold at the end of these experiments but knowledge is golden as Clifford explores the world of rainbow science. Emily Elizabeth narrates youngsters through the colorful manual as young scientists create experiments with catchy titles such as milk rainbow, mixing colors, rainbow star, ceiling rainbow, moving colors, chromatography bookmarks, colored bubbles in oil, colored bubbles in a tube, catching a rainbow, rainbow glasses, rainbow spinner, and rainbow explosions. Young Scientists will feel like real scientists when they use the kit’s colorful lab tray, measuring cup, test tubes, pipette, and funnel to perform their experiments!

The Magic School Bus Explore The Wonders Of Nature • Ages 5+ • $19.99
Ms. Frizzle and her students are back to take eager boys and girls on a class trip into the wonders of nature. Young Scientists make a bug house, find treasures on a scavenger hunt, cast an animal track, create a paper mâché ant, learn about the life cycle, build an ant farm, explore sun prints, construct leaf art, dry flowers, dissolve an egg shell, play the animal tracks game, and much, much more!
Year after year, The Young Scientists Club continues to wow children with unlimited possibilities, parents with age appropriate (and fun!) learning tools and toy industry judges with phenomenal products that empower children to explore and wonder. See the entire line of science games and kits created for young minds at
Not only does the Young Scientist Club make the great kits above. They also have group kits for classroom, homeschooling, BIRTHDAY parties, camps, certainly perfect for Heartschooling as we call it here on Give Peas A Chance. Their Facebook page is awesome. If you are on Facebook at all be sure to like them and follow along. Each week they post an experiment you can do with your children. Then they post results and conclusions so you can check back later and see and learn something new.
They even have a subscription! How cool is that? You can choose monthly or bi monthly delivery of a scientist kit. Read all about it and see what topics (36 in all) are covered!
Be sure to follow all of their social media sites and check out their blog for fun experiments and specials!

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