Thursday, July 4, 2013

My birthday and a "thank you" giveaway!

July is a busy month here, three of our five family members have birthdays. With mine smack dab in the middle of two of those birthdays! I'm also having a quick eye surgery, so I'd love if you all kept me in your prayers. Because of that I have some posts scheduled but I may not be very active here, or on Facebook and such. I didn't want to go off and celebrate a Dr Seuss birthday and an American Girl Ice Cream Social without including you in some sort of celebration. I'm not having a party... hmm does Starbucks have party rooms? They should. I can't wait to share all the party fun I'm frantically putting together for the girls though!
I'm so thankful you all, for some crazy reason, found Give Peas A Chance. I'm glad you're here, I'm blessed to say that I have gotten to know some of you and can call you friends. To celebrate my birthday I wanted to  have a giveaway!! So I'm offering up 2 prizes. Enter below, there's even a mobile friendly link. Share with a friend! Each prize pack will contain TWO awesome blossom CUPPOW lids. This isn't a sponsored post, just a thank you from me. Those Cuppow peeps are pretty awesome though, so you can check out their Facebook and let them know I sent you. If you don't know what Cuppow is here is the review I did in 2012.

So in a nutshell
July is a busy month filled with blessings
I'm having  minor eye surgery and would love your prayers that it goes well- I'm nervous!
There's a THANK YOU giveaway for 4 Cuppow lids below. Enter and 2 lucky readers will win a pack of two- my choice of style/size/color.

Did you know that you can find Give Peas A Chance on
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Instagram- where I'm documenting my Summer Bucket List (blog post to follow, someday)

If you are in the US, have a US address, and are 18 years of age or older, enter below to win. Read the rules HERE, first.
**Please note that I have had to pick new winners often because not all of the requirements have been met for giveaways. If you want the extra entries for liking a Facebook page, following on twitter, blogging, signing up for a newsletter make sure you do follow/sign up/blog etc. These are not required for entry, but if you want extra entries please follow the prompts.

Disclaimer:  This is a fun giveaway that I want to do for  readers of Give Peas A Chance. I will ship to US addresses only, once prize packages leave my hands and go to the post office I am not responsible for  loss.  All pictures are from the companies site, unless noted.
More giveaways on GPAC found HERE.
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  1. I pray that your eye surgery goes well and you have a quick recovery. Any kind of surgery is scary, but He has you in His hands and will protect you.

  2. I love cuppow for making my mason jar drinking glasses portable containers!

  3. These are perfect for salads! I've never seen them before. Super cool.
    Best of luck with your surgery…I know that can be scary, but technology today is amazing!!

  4. These would be great to use for drinks by the pool!


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