Monday, June 24, 2013

Slider Cupcakes

Having a cookout this summer? Birthday party? Want to make a fun dessert? This weeks ManIc MoNdAy features Slider Cupcakes. I first made these in 2009 for Piglet's birthday. They are very easy, you can see the original post HERE on Give Peas A Chance.
Vanilla cake buns sprinkled with sesame seeds
Brownie hamburger patties
Coconut flakes tinted green for lettuce
Red and yellow icing for mustard and ketchup.

More burger toppings
Use tootsie rolls, in two colors and stretch it out to make bacon
Use yellow or orange Starbursts and stretch them out to make cheese slices
Use yellow fruit leather to make cheese slices

Serve this with
Toasted strips of pound cake as fries
Use strawberry jelly for ketchup
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