Friday, June 14, 2013

Listen- #FiveMinuteFriday #FMFParty



So many discombobulated, fragments of thoughts come into my head this morning about the word listen.
My kids don't always listen. Why don't my kids listen?
To myself, yelling. You read that right.
Five minutes. Just five minutes of quietly doing what is asked of you.
Listen. To music, to traffic, to sermons, to background noise.
Tune out.
My kids, for five minutes, or when I'm driving and need to.
Tune out myself.
Tune out the music.
Tune out the busyness of background noise.
Tune out myself, my nagging voice of negativity.
Tune out all that is wrong in my life.
Tune out everything but truth.
Listen to that still small voice of God in the corners of my mind. Whispering truth.
Listen to the beating of my heart, "Return." always return to your First Love. A steady rhythm, reminding me. Fast as can be, come running to the throne of Grace. Always. It's there.
Listen to all that the Holy Spirit helps me recall. Have an answer for the hope that lies within you. Be ready in and out of season.
Listen to truth, and only truth.
Truth is love, light, forgiveness, self control, faithfulness, patience...
Listen to love.
Speak in Love.

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 Five Minute Friday
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