Friday, June 7, 2013

Bowl Full of Cherries Indeed

You may have noticed there aren't that many cherry recipes on Give Peas A Chance. That's because this is how I like to eat them, as they are meant to be eaten. God made them perfect :)
OK, I like them frozen too, like grapes. But still. It's hard for me to cook with fruit, because I like it as is, for the most part. I mean I do like peach cobbler and such, but prefer fresh fruit. Is that crazy? Same with avocado's, I love them so much as is cooking with them doesn't appeal to me. Though I did have avocado fries the other day, they were yummy. I wouldn't make them at home though.
I'm so glad summer is here, summer veggies, fruits. YUM.
(I have another cherry picture coming up... or 50, you've been warned.)

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