Saturday, May 11, 2013

Popovers with Strawberry Honey Butter

Yummy. Really yummy. Strawberries are coming in season too, so you must try these! Perhaps tomorrow for Mother's Day?
I based this popover recipe on the Dutch Baby we like so much. I used to make these in a muffin tin, same with my Yorkshire Pudding. Then I went to Zulily one day and Chicago Metallic was on there, so I got this little pan. But if you don't have a pan just use a muffin tin.

Give Peas A Chance Popovers

2 cups flour
1/4 tsp salt
2 cup milk
1-2 Tablespoons sugar or honey (more or less to taste)
7 eggs
1 tsp vanilla
1 tsp almond extract
7 Tablespoons unsalted butter, divided

  1. Preheat oven to 425 degrees. 
  2. Place all ingredients plus 4 tablespoons of melted butter into a blender and blend until smooth. 
  3. Let the batter sit while you put the 1/2-3/4 teaspoon of butter in each popover cup (or use a cupcake/muffin tin) let it melt in the hot oven. Pour any leftover butter into the batter.
  4. When the butter is melted pour the batter into the cups, about 2/3 of the way full. 
  5. Bake 20 minutes. 
  6. Turn down the oven without removing the popover pan. Bake for 10 minutes more on 350 degrees.
  7. Edges should be golden to caramel brown, the middle should be lightly set but still jiggle
  8. Bake less for a more custard consistency in the middle, more for a firm consistency.

See that lovely golden flowing honey butter with specks of strawberries. YUM.

Give Peas A Chance Strawberry Honey Butter

1/2 cup Butter, softened 
1/4- 1/3 cup Honey
Fresh strawberries

  1. Wash the strawberries. Dry them very well and chop them, you can use a food processor.
  2. Mix the butter and honey together. I whirled them in the food processor.
  3. Stir in the strawberries. As little or as much as you want. Really. Even if you put so many berries in there it hardly holds together, if that's how you like it, make it that way!
  4. Serve with rolls, bread, crepes, pancakes, waffles, popovers, toast, in oatmeal or grits. I'm sure you'll find many ways to eat it!

Add more honey to taste.
Store in the refrigerator.
I like unsalted butter, but use what you and your loved ones like.

Freezer Tip: I have also frozen a roll of this in the freezer. It didn't seem to have a huge effect on the berries. It's easier to freeze in long tubes, that way you can slice off a little at a time to use it. Find more Freezer Tips here.

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