Saturday, May 4, 2013

Grass Jelly Drink

I grew up drinking this. My mom would make it for us as a treat. So refreshing and cooling. The beautiful dark brown/black cubes of jelly is Grass Jelly. It doesn't taste like grass, if it does at all it's mild. Not sweet, not salty. It's cooling. Just slightly bitter, not much. Thicker than Jello, but a little less dense than say Jello Jigglers. You'll often see it being served in Boba tea houses along with beans, jack fruit, Boba/tapioca pearls.
Growing up my mom mixed this with a light simple syrup, sometimes steeped with Pandan leaves and lots of crushed ice. Often she would add a splash of soy milk. Sometimes we'd have it with coconut milk, and it's cream, and a simple syrup. Now, I drink it with almond milk and a simple syrup. Sometimes coconut milk, simple syrup, basil seed, and pandan tapioca.
Coconut milk, brown sugar simple syrup, basil seed, Pandan tapioca strips.
Grass Jelly as I know it comes in a can :). They also have a powder form that you can mix and let set. I've never used it. Before serving I like to chill the can. 

Grass Jelly Drink

1 can Grass Jelly, drained and cut into strips or cubes
Almond milk, coconut milk- the can with the cream mixed in, soy milk, half and half or any other milk you like
Simple syrup to taste- see below
Ice- crushed or cubed
Simple Syrup
1 part water
1 part brown sugar or palm sugar
Optional flavorings-
3-4 Pandan leaves or Pandan flavoring (this will turn the syrup green) to taste
Not conventional but vanilla would be good also
Bring the sugar and water to a boil. Cook until slightly thick. You can stir flavoring in to taste if using it.  If you have fresh Pandan leaves or frozen, make sure the leaves are clean. Bring the leaves and water to a boil until the water is fragrant. Remove Pandan leaves from steeping. Add the sugar and simmer as you would for the syrup.

For the drink.
Add cut Grass Jelly to a glass. Pour preferred milk over the top. Coconut milk is thick so you'll use less of it. Add simple syrup to taste. Top with crushed iced.
 Grass Jelly

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