Friday, May 24, 2013

Free Friday- Mother's Day Blessings

OK, this is a total re post because I was just so shocked, excited, and well, thankful, and excited. I entered my book below in NerdWallet's Mother's Day Your Way Contest, AND I won for Best Overall Entry. Isn't that crazy? I mean, of course I think it's the BEST gift ever. I was just so surprised.
My girls did update my book. Sweet drawings, and little notes. I had a wonderful Mother's Day. 
The girls (and DH) made me breakfast in bed. I heard my middle girl, sweet Piglet, up early that morning in the schoolroom. She was crafting something. I wasn't sure what. But on the weekends she's usually up, both my older girls. My oldest reading, my middle girl crafting, sometimes reading. When I got up they brought me breakfast. I walked out of the room and Piglet had laid out a baby blanket in front of my door. She said it was my red carpet. So sweet.
DH had taken the girls out to buy cards for me. Piglet laid them all out on the couch. She set them up, with stuffed animals, little trinkets. She's my gift giver. So very thoughtful and kind. We got to go to church and we just spend time together. Perfection.
I'm just so thankful and blessed, such perfect timing.

Be sure to check out all the wonderful entries and winners on NerdWallet's blog.
Back to my book, it's not too late to start one for Mother's Day or Father's Day. I think a Christmas or Thanksgiving tradition would be great. The whole family could draw or write on a page each year.

 Anyway, here's my post-

The new "Little Black Book".

It's almost Mother's day. I wanted to share with you all the best gift ever. See that black book up there? It's a little worn looking. But, that's it. The best gift ever I mean. I know it doesn't look like much, but didn't your mother teach you not to judge a book by it's cover? ;)

Let me tell you about this book. About how a black,  9x13 inch (ish), less than $15, blank book could be the best gift ever. I haven't had this book for long, since about 2011. But every holiday, birthday, or anytime my girls want to get me a gift they use this book. They draw pictures, write letters or poetry for me. They fill the blank pages with their artwork and thoughts. I get to see their writing improve, their pictures get more detail.  I get to look back and see what they are "into" at the moment. Princess flying unicorns, snakes, peacocks, and more. On some pages the girls have just traced their hands. At the beginning  my oldest girl had to help my youngest by writing her name and date for her. Now my youngest can write her own name. *sniff*

I love my book. It's very special to me. When it's full, I'll add another. It's perfect, there's no wondering what to get mom, there's no need to spend money on trinkets. There's no cards and papers scattered all over the place. 

How sweet are Diva's pictures of us on the beach and having a tea party? She even wrote a poem.

Piglet's picture on the left and Pixie's on the right.

This year I think I'll do a questionnaire with my girls and record their answers in my book.

Questions like

What do you think a mom's easiest job is?

What do you think a mom's hardest job is?

What is something your mom is great at?

What is something your mom loves to do when she's alone? (Errm I don't know if that's a good one, alone? huh? What's that? But I'm brainstorming here.)

What is your mom's favorite food?

What is something your mom always says?

How tall is your mom?

What was your mom like as a little girl?

What other questions should I ask?

Also what about you? Do you have a favorite Mother's day gift you've received or given?

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  1. That's awesome that your entry won! Congratulations! Your girls are so sweet, thoughtful and caring. It sounds like you had a wonderful mother's day. You definitely deserve it!


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