Tuesday, March 19, 2013

2013 Bento 34-42

Take it Tuesday! Yay for lunch posts!

Pixie and I shared this
Soft boiled eggs
Bell peppers (carrots underneath)
Mandarin oranges
Mango salsa
Diva and Piglet
Soft boiled egg

Dressing for Piglet and Pixie, salt and pepper for Diva and I
Mango salsa for me- Pixie and I shared the Planet Box (it's my favorite box to pack right now at Give Peas A Chance)
Planet box (for both Pixie and I)
Pork chop
Bell Pepper
Animal crackers and dressing for Pixie
the other girls have the same lunch, except Diva has salt and pepper, not dressing
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  1. Wow, Katherine, that's quite a lunch. I must look out for some bento boxes - would be great for picnics as well. Take care


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