Monday, November 5, 2012

November Days of Gratitude Day 5

Before you look at the picture and turn away. Please keep reading. Yes this is my purse. I'm thankful for it. For one, I got it as a gift and that in itself is a blessing. But that's not what this post is about. This is about my life. Keep reading. 
Yesterday at church I was digging around looking for a pen to take notes and I thought to myself "goodness I might as well carry a doctor's bag/duffle bag."  So much STUFF. Really. If you're a mom you know this. You're child has trash, who do they try to hand it to? Out and about and they don't want to carry something? Where does it go? Husband has keys and sunglasses? YUP. In the bag. But then I immediately thought, well, look whats in here:

  • An inhaler and spacer for Diva. Thank you Jesus that we have what she needs to help her BREATH!
  • Two Epi pens, thank you again Lord for health care, for not having to do without something that could save my daughters life- can they make those smaller though? But really? I'd carry a brick around in my bag if I knew it would save my child's life if need be.
  • A small bag of pretzels Pixie wanted me to "save for me for later, ok mom." I have a little girl who has plenty to eat, she has a full belly, and food to save for later.
  • Keys, we have a car, we can get where we need and want to be. It's paid off. I'm so thankful for that! We have a roof over our heads, a real place. Not a 8x8 tin shack.
  • 4+ different types of lip balm, lip gloss. A small measuring tape, cuticle oil, tissues... I have enough that I can spend money on "wants" and not scrimp and save for "needs".
I am truly blessed.

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