Friday, November 9, 2012

Free Friday

I painted a bowl at the pottery painting place. I took the girls one day, they love it there! I do too, I'd enjoy it more though as a Mommy's Night Out. The kids slap their paint on and they are ready to go. That means I have to slap my paint on also. Diva and Piglet are better about it because they are older. Pixie though, she can finish in no time. Then walk away and ask to put on ten more coats of paint. Her little octopus pictured below made the wall of fame ;). My bowl did too, yay me.
The bowl says "Give Peas A Chance" in big bold letters, then the peas are there protesting.
And check out my Haiku a sweet friend wrote

 Please give peas a chance!
They really are quite yummy~
Quick! They will escape!

 "Eat bacon"
This little guy has a sign that says "Don't" next to the "Give Peas A Chance"
 "Free The Peas"
These guys are just trying to get out. They are climbing a rope. The peas to the right are climbing a ladder.
 Pixie's octopus.
 Diva's unicorn box.
Piglet's horse.
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