Monday, October 15, 2012

2012 Bento 123,124 (Lunch Packs)

These aren't waste free lunches. But most of the time I use boxes and containers that are reusable so I don't feel too bad about these lunches ;).
I thought they would be fun, and let's be real, I forgot to start the dishwasher the night before. I didn't have containers, most of our items are packed away. These foil lunch packs would be great for a field trip though.
So, basically the idea behind these is that the girls unroll the packs and eat as they go. So treats get wrapped and rolled first, and end with the "main dish" items. I also put a piece of wax paper on top of the foil so it would unroll easier for the girls.
Chicken Meatballs
String Cheese
Tootsie Rolls
Pink Lemonade- the girls usually get water, but I had these leftover from making Lip Balm.

Nothing fancy here...
Tootsie Rolls, rolled first.
String Cheese next.
Chicken Meatballs.
Vegetables and dip.
Pink Lemonade.
I sealed them with Washi tape, not needed at all, the packs just looked so plain.
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