Monday, October 1, 2012

#100 Bento Gear- GIVEAWAY

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OK! So let's celebrate the 100th bento/lunch- because let's face it, my lunches aren't true Bentos, AND I posted my 100th review/giveaway last week also! This giveaway has a lunch focus. I have other ones planned that will have a craft theme, a cooking theme, and others. But let's see how this one goes first shall we?
First of all I want to thank you all for stopping by this little blog. I started blogging in 2007. Just to have a place to put recipes. A place to organize them and put them into a book for my girls when they leave for college. It's been a fun journey. I'm not a writer, I'm actually a HORRIBLE speller, and grammar is not my forte. I'm not even a great blogger, but blogging for me is fun, it's a hobby, it's also a stress reliever.
I hope you all like the items I have up for you. All are new, never used - obviously. I've just got a ton of items, that's what happens when you have fabulous friends in Japan and when you hoard, collect every item you see in the store.
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Open to US residents, 18 years or older. (I apologize to my Canadian/overseas friends, the rules for giveaways to Canada are different than here in the US.)
Read all rules HERE. Entering this giveaway
means you have read and AGREE with them.
*Gifted items may be different from the picture, I packed them all up into the box after this picture, but just in case my girls took off with an item, or added an item*
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I will be shipping this box out, please give 7 days for your gift to ship.

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