Tuesday, September 18, 2012


If you've been on Pinterest at all, you've seen the miracle that is Vinegar and Dawn pinned many times. It's so simple it's silly. It's on Pinterest as a shower/tub cleaner. Well folks, I use it on my kitchen sinks, the outside of the toilet, my sinks, my tub, my showers, stove top, microwave, my EYE GLASSES. You heard that right. I spray it on my glasses, rub with my fingers, rinse, and dry. WHAT!? Sparkly. On my stove top after I've splatter grease all over it? WORKS LIKE A CHARM. Have a food crusted baking pan? Like last nights lasagna or casserole pan? I just rinse the pan a little bit, spray this stuff all over it, wait and then wipe and rinse. Caked on stuff? I sprinkle baking soda in the baking dish, spray this on top and let it fizz and do it's thang.
I don't even bother rinsing when I spray my sinks/bathroom counter,or stove top with this, sometimes I just don't bother rinsing the microwave. For some odd reason it just wipes off clean, no sticky soapy mess. I just rub it dry. I use "cleaning grade" vinegar, but any white vinegar will do. I will say this, it smells up the wazoo. Like vinegar. It's fine if you like that, but I don't. Once it's dried, or rinsed off it doesn't smell though.
I've even filled my dish-soap dispenser with 1 part blue Dawn, one part vinegar, and1/2 parts water. It's amazing. You must try it.

Make some up, spray it all over your tub/shower. Wait 15 minutes, 1 hour, or overnight, wipe it off with a soft sponge. (If you wait overnight for the shower or tub just splash some water on it before wiping it off.) Same for just about everything else I use it for. Just not my glasses, I can't see without those and they don't get that dirty.
1 part vinegar
1 part Dawn dish soap- the blue stuff

Heat the vinegar in the microwave or on the stove top until hot. Add the dish soap. Stir gently. Put it in a spray bottle and use that bad boy on your soap scum/greasy food mess/nasty toilet/smudged glasses and more. Let it sit for 15 minutes- to over night, and wipe off the mess. Rinse.
You can also just shake it up in the spray bottle. It just gets all sudsy. See the suds up top?
I sometimes add 1/2 parts water for cleaning too, after the initial cleaning I think you just don't need the "full strength" of this awesomeness.
I don't make huge batches, but I make a small bottle. I store it for quick jobs. When I want the hot/heated stuff I'm usually ready for a new batch.
*I use this on my glasses, baking dishes- just spray it on and it cuts through food, sinks, tubs, stove top, shower curtain liners (quick cleaning, I toss it in the washer for a deep cleaning), and so much more. But test your surfaces, I'm not responsible for your stuff :P 
Baking soda sprinkled on surfaces, then sprayed with this stuff is perfect for when you need more scouring.
Keep this stuff in a "Magic Wand" and you're good to go!

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