Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Shuck Corn on the Cob the easy way!

Ok, ususaly if we have corn on the cob the girls shuck it for me. It's something they can all do and they like it. But I came across this video HERE, on Pinterest. I love it, the man is so cute. The method he uses really works too! If you own a microwave. I bet you can steam the corn with the husks on and this would work. You can even bake it in the oven, husks and all. I've never had a problem with it that way.
Microwave the ear of corn for 4 minutes. It's four minutes for each ear. Don't remove any husk at this point.
When the 4 minutes are up, use a towel or oven glove to remove the corn. It will be very VERY hot. With a knife cut off the bottom/widest part of the husk, into the ear of the corn. You want to take enough off so that the husk isn't attached to the ear of corn when you try to slide it out.

Grasp the pointy part of the husk that is on the other side of the corn with a towel. Shake the corn out, squeezing a little. The cob will slide right off, the silk will remain in the husks.
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