Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Pick Your Plum Maddness (Grab box)

Sigh... Pick Your Plum, how I love thee, let me count the ways. If you're on my Facebook Page HERE, you know how I feel about Pick Your Plum. They have such fun daily deals, and the prices are amazing. Well, this past weekend, on Saturday they had a grab bag deal. 300 medium flat rate boxes that were $30 each. What was in them? A surprise for each recipient, all different, all filled to the brim.
 These boxes sold out in12 minutes. They announce on their Facebook page when they will stock- so go "like/fan" them and let them know @loveabounds (Give Peas A Chance blog) sent you!
This is our second box, our first I'll reveal for the giveaway. I have pictures of other items I've ordered that I will post later also.
I'll be doing a full review and giveaway soon of one of these grab boxes soon, so check back, follow me on Facebook HERE, so you're in the know!
(Click the picture to enlarge)

The contents of our box (If you got a box this time and want to show it off, leave a link to where your picture is or a list of your goodies in the comments section!)

Top left to right
  1. Black SOFT yoga waist pants, I may sleep in them tonight!
  2. Wood cut outs, 2 sets. I counted them both and have just enough to make 2 sets of Christmas signs. One will say "NOEL" and the other "PEACE". Let's hope I'm as crafty as I wish I were.
  3. Sewing thread in gorgeous I guess, jewel tones?
  4. Lavender bakers twine. A HUGE roll!
  5. Gorgeous hot pink polka dot paper straws. (50 count)
  6. Cupcake liners. 3 sets. The animal print has 25 of each print in a package,  so 50 of each print total. The cherry blossom ones has 100! I love the colors, they are the colors Piglet says are her favorite and she wants her room done in them.
  7. (Next line left to right) Metal plate or small canvas stand. I'm doing to display a small canvas of the girls on it, once I get one printed.
  8. Two sets of 3D layered paper crafting stickers. They have rhinestone accents also. 
  9. Wood buttons (Snowmen holiday card craft with the kids anyone?)
  10. Wooden circles for accents, they will be cute on my "NOEL" and "PEACE" signs.
  11. Personalized ribbon. Really!? I ordered on Saturday and they had time to personalize ribbon that says "A gift from the ______ family" on it for us?
  12. FOUR gorgeous packs of ribbon doilies (yes, I did spell that totally wrong in the picture, ignore that). Have you seen this before? It's like Washi tape but lacy, and cut out. It's gorgeous. It has adhesive packing to peel back like stickers.12 rolls total.
  13. (Above the ribbon doilies) Pretty flower bracelet.
  14. Three packs of rub on transfers, which have 5 pages in each package. I've tired these on smooth wood and paper. 
  15. Red petti romper with white polka dots. It's so cute, it fits Pixie. She's 4. A tall four.
  16. (Bottom line) A big package of blush pink/peach polka dot favor bags. Perfect for snacks also, seal with a cute sticker. Recycle when done, better than plastic for dry goods.
  17. Two sets of flag sticky notes, in a ruler case.

Awesome box right!? So fun! And I can honestly say that either I or the girls will use everything in it!

Our box, filled to the brim!
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