Saturday, September 29, 2012

CupKate's Event Designs- GIVEAWAY

These darling candy cups are from CupKate's!
For the past two weeks, I've been SLOWLY putting up Spa Birthday Brunch photos and posts. You can see them here. I have other posts to come, but this last post that featured food had many items from CupKate's Event Designs. Kate was amazing to work with. She answered my questions via email quickly. She helped me with sizing of items (Appetizer Spoons) for deviled eggs. She was honest when something wasn't in stock- I've ordered items for a party before and have been assured they would reach me in time only to sit around the afternoon of cutting out cupcake toppers. Kate let me know when the item (Push Pop containers) would be in and that they would ship right away. I decided to wait on them. Kate had my box with other items packed and ready. When the Push Pops came in, she shipped my box right away. All items were delivered in time for Diva's brunch. Items were packed carefully, they were clean, and the presentation showed they were packed with care.
Kate's professionalism and fast service sets her apart. I couldn't be happier with the service I got, and how my items were packaged when they arrived. Here is a little more about CupKate's Even Design straight from her!
I’m Kate, wife and mother to two of the cutest kids, ever. {Okay, so maybe I’m biased.} Creating memories by celebrating special occasions quickly became an obsession of mine once my children were born. Seeing them delight in the details of a well thought out party is one of the best feelings! While planning my Daughter’s 2nd birthday, my older sister mailed me a Push Pop container and the idea to use them as party favors. I loved them, sourced them and posted a few pictures of my Cupcake Push Pop creation on my blog and on my Facebook page. The interest in the containers caught on fast and in March of 2011 I opened an Etsy shop to sell the containers. At the time, I was the only retailer selling Push Pop containers by the piece and in small quantities. My name appeared on several high traffic blogs {Including the Cooking Channel’s blog!}. The success of Push Pops led to a full Party Shop,, with many of my favorite party finds listed for sale. Today, I fill orders, run back and forth to preschool and constantly keep my eye out for the next big thing.
 So for Diva's Birthday Brunch we used (from CupKate's Event Designs)
The candy cups pictured above. I baked cupcakes in them, yes they are oven safe. It's a good thing to, I had to get rid of my muffin/cupcake pan and I had forgotten all about that! These cups don't need a pan, they are so sturdy, the cupcakes baked up beautifully! There are many cute colors and styles of candy cups and cupcake liners.

I used these Push Pop containers for yogurt parfaits, but on CupKate's Facebook page you can check out all sorts of fun things people have used them for! Plus I washed mine, and they are ready for our next party! These are nice and sturdy, not flimsy at all.
These little appetizer spoons are way cute! Perfect for the Deviled Eggs. I also washed them to use again. 
I also purchased some Old Fashioned Candy sticks that look like this-
I was going to used them as skewers but I though I would save them for cake pops or something like that. they are so fun though!
CupKate's also has fantastic paper straws, favor boxes, cupcake containers, Candy tubes,Washi tape and more. Look at all this cuteness from the webpage!

Do you love parties? I love them! I love throwing them. I love elaborate ones, simple ones, I don't care as long as they have loved ones there to share in the fun.

Where to find CupKate's Event Designs
Facebook-  Check out the Facebook, specials are announced there, and believe me, you want to be in the know!

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