Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Coach's Oats - GIVEAWAY

Some of you all may remember this review I did on Coach's Oats? If not, go read it! These oats are quick and easy to prepare, but not mushy and gummy in texture! With the crisp Fall weather creeping up on us I wanted to give 2 of my readers 10 packets each of Coach's Oats.
So how about it? I mean why not? I recently posted 2012's 100th Bento, AND my 100th giveaway.
When I started this blog in 2007, it was just a place to record recipes for my girls. It still is that place for me, I'm just blessed that I've met you all along the way. Thanks so much for visiting my little blog.
Here is a little more about Coach's Oats, straight from their website which you can find HERE.
  • Coach’s Oats are prepared in an entirely new way. The groats are toasted to bring the natural sugars to the surface of the oat, then cracked into small pieces. This patented Cracked n' Toasted™ process means that Coach’s Oats are never mushy, always naturally delicious and cook in just 3 to 5 minutes on a stovetop or in the microwave.
That's the Coach’s Oats difference!
  • One serving of Coach’s Oats costs only 15 cents, based on our $5.00 price per bag!
  Find Coach's Oats below
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  All pictures are from the companies site, unless noted.
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