Friday, August 31, 2012

Free Friday

Talk about dropping the ball this summer with everything! Hopefully, now that school has started I can get back on some sort of schedule. I know I don't need to because, well, it's just a blog. But honestly this blog helps me stay sane. It's therapeutic for me to blog. Interesting or not, I like it. These cupcakes are from a local bakery here, someone brought them to a BBQ we had for first year med school students. They are so pretty, but they were dry and not flavorful at all :(.

We had a busy summer. We moved, had a (almost) week long power outage, went berry picking, bowling, to the zoo, I caught the canning bug, Diva had a week of Fencing camp, we hollered at the TV during the Olympics, went swimming, celebrated birthdays, my mom was here for a while. It was a busy summer.
I hope that you all are well, and thank you so much for stopping by this little blog.
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