Monday, June 11, 2012

Healthy Surprise- GIVEAWAY and Promotion/Coupon code

Snacking, snacking, snacking. Just about everyone snacks. What is awesome about Healthy Surprise is that you get a variety of natural, gluten free, vegan snacks. A great variety of flavorful, sweet AND savory snacks. There's a variety also of chewy and crunchy snacks. The boxes are very well thought out. Because sometimes you want savory, sometimes sweet. Sometimes you want something crunchy, sometimes not. We aren't a vegan household, or a gluten free house hold. But I do try to keep our meals low gluten, and low grain. I was concerned that my family wouldn't like half of the snacks in the box because they are vegan and gluten free. But we enjoyed all of them! (Except the Diva, she didn't try the snacks that have nuts.)
Here's more information straight for the Healthy Surprise site!

Everything about you, from your fingernails to your hair, your beating heart to the thoughts racing through your mind: all fueled and built by what you put in your body.
At Healthy Surprise we believe in using the best possible fuel, not the cheapest. We understand the importance of consuming nothing but the best food and ingredients. That's why we select our suppliers and products based on quality - both the food and the company behind it.
We choose products which are all natural – meaning there are no chemicals or funny sounding ingredients. When available, we choose organic ingredients and snacks.
Next time you're in a market, pick up a conventionally packaged and processed snack. Read the ingredients aloud. See how many times you stumble trying to pronounce Acetylated Monoglycerides and Propylene Glycol Monoesters. Have you eaten something and thought to yourself: "This could really use some more Titanium Dioxide!"
Everyone is intolerant of gluten. Gluten causes inflammation and irritation in everyone who eats it. The difference is how the inflammation manifests itself. For some people, they have an immediate reaction and are easily diagnosed as Celiac. Some of us just get that 'food coma' feeling.
Further, gluten tends to be found in the 'beige' family of foods which are highly processed, unhealthy and fattening including breads, batters and pastas.
*   Natural
*   Gluten Free
*   Vegan
*   Soy Free
*   Toll free support number (855) 697-8777
*   Four sizes to accommodate different size stomachs, families and budgets
*   All snacks are natural, vegan, gluten free and soy free

 Here is a list of vendors that may show up in the Healthy Surprise Boxes.
There are several options for ordering a Healthy Surprise box. You can order a one time gift or monthly subscriptions. Monthly subscriptions can be cancelled at anytime. Gift certificates are available. There are four box sizes to pick from. Shipping on three of the those sizes is FREE. Right now you can use Promo code GIVEPEASACHANCE  for $5 off every Healthy Surprise purchase!
Where can you find Healthy Surprise?

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