Sunday, April 29, 2012

New Cool Toys Online - GIVEAWAY

My kids love forts, tents and reading nooks. I think all children do, I remember rearranging my parents dinning room chairs and build forts with sheets as a child. I would tie sheets to the chairs, weigh them down with books (not so effective by the way). For my own children I've put sheets over tables, baby cribs and have used chairs also. Still, the sheets would slip on occasion. Until I found these Boca Clips from New Cool Toys online. They have a variety of fun colorful animals. Check out our fort pictures below!
These clips are actually made for use by the pool or on the beach as towel clips. Simply clip the towel to the beach chair and you won't have to worry about your towel slipping down every time you move.  The cool thing is the Boca Clips also work for securing chip bags, weighing the corners of a towel or blanket down if it's breezy, clipping wet suits to a fence or tree to dry,  they can hold your spot in a book in a pinch, while you run after a stray child too- not that I would know anything about that. And that's just at the pool. Like I said we use them to build forts with our parachute, play silks and bed sheets. These are strong clips. My 5 and 7 year old can use them to clip things. My 2 year old can open and close them but I don't think she has the coordination to build her own fort. That being said, these are not marketed as toys. (Though, I did see them in the toy section at Target last week.) So please supervise your children and make sure they don't pinch their fingers. I put a clip on my finger to test it. It's strong but not painful.

You know what else my kids love? The water! Since New Cool Online specializes in fun pool toys, toddler learning toys, out door toys and pool accessories.The girls got to test some out some of their water toys. We go to an indoor pool, we try to get there every weekend.
This Water Rocket, requires no batteries and rocks. It has a water activated safety mechanism. Which means my kids can't launch it in the living room, but it is great in the pool! It was our favorite. The Water Ripper, is another favorite. Simple, fun water toy.

Here are some pictures of our tent action, using the Boca Clips.

 Boca Clips holding the parachute in place, even during a breeze!
Coloring inside.

Are you looking for some great outdoor toys, towel clips, and pool toys?
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