Sunday, March 4, 2012


My girls LOVE Legos. We keep them in a big clear bin. Which is great. Except that when the girls want to play all the minifigs and all the tiny pieces are all at the bottom. Buried under the bigger pieces. So I would take out my jelly roll pans and pour legos out so they could sort through them. But no more! The Box4Blox is a sorter/storage unit that sorts Lego pieces by size. 
It's very easy to use. I put about 7 cups of Legos into the top of the Box4Blox at a time and just shake it from side to side. The pieces get sorted easily. Some of the big pieces, if they are positioned just right, will fall down to the middle layer but all the small pieces, which is what was hard for our kids to find are all at the bottom. So AWESOME. We do store some of our Legos in the Box4Blox. But I find it easier to sort them a little at a time. We love this thing, easy to use and it works!
The Box4Blox holds approx 1500-1800 Legos. It is an approx. 10 1/4 inch cube.
For a video on how Box4Blox works check this out.
Box4Blox are made in the USA. Here is a little about Peter and Moria's (and Box4Blox) from the main website
The BOX4BLOX evolved from one of those classic “light bulb” moments, after Moira had spent nearly an hour sorting the kids’ Lego into a selection of plastic containers, only for our youngest to return home from pre-school and tip them all over the floor.
Simplastix Innovations was established as a sales and marketing company to promote the BOX4BLOX.  Our initial marketing focus was in the New Zealand and Australian markets through traditional distribution and retail channels,  but it was our introduction to the marketing power of the Internet that totally changed our marketing focus for the BOX4BLOX.
The Internet provides us with the perfect marketing vehicle to promote our product. It enables us to promote the benefits of the BOX4BLOX directly to all you frustrated moms and parents, sick and tired of messy Legos all over the floor.
The major obstacle we had always encountered when selling the BOX4BLOX internationally has been our isolation from major markets and the high cost of shipping from New Zealand. To overcome this problem and in an effort to bring the time and money saving ideals of BOX4BLOX to the shores of America, we decided to move our manufacturing operation to the USA.
We are now manufacturing the BOX4BLOX at G-P Plastics, a plastic injection molding company in Alhambra, in the greater Los Angeles area.
 Where can you get one of these cool Box4Blox?
On the Box4blox website, they take paypal also
International orders are welcome also, check the site for details.
Check Box4Blox out on their Facebook page also! For every 250 new "likes/fans" they giveaway a Box4Blox.

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