Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Courtney Marie Jewelry- GIVEAWAY

Courtney Marie Jewelry, oh my goodness. I first spotted her jewelery on a friends Facebook page. It just caught my eye. So I went to her Facebook page and clicked like, then I ohhh'd and ahhh'd over everything. From ornaments, to earrings, to rings and more. Beautiful sterling silver pieces, hand made, custom one of a kind pieces some with beautiful stones.  I wanted everything. I decided that I needed :)  these rings for Mother's day, I know that's not for a while, but hey. I let DH know I would be purchasing my mother's day gift and contacted Courtney.  I chose a ring for each of my girls, with their names on one side of the band and birth date on the other side.
(By the way, that first picture I posted? THAT is the giveaway! AH-MAZ-ING.)

Courtney with me back and forth hammering out the details. She sent pictures, let me know about sizing- not just for my ring finger but of stones, how thick the bands would be and so on. She was very thorough and made sure that I got what I wanted. It was cool being "part of the process". We also worked out a giveaway for you all! Details below. Courtney is professional, friendly and fast! My rings were made and shipped to me in gosh, less than two weeks once we confirmed all the details.
I was floored when I saw my rings. I am so happy with them! They fit perfect. They were made just as she described. Every last detail. I love that they nestle next to each other nicely and I can rearrange them as I like.
Christmas Ornament, Picture from Courtney Marie jewelry.
 Courtney has an ordering page on her web page that can be found here. So much to see and look at! She also does custom's and posts pictures of her work on her Facebook page here.
Bracelet, picture from Courtney Marie Jewelery.
Gorgeous earrings, picture from Courtney Marie Jewelry.

Here is a little more about Courtney (from her webpage) 

Courtney Marie's passion for jewelry began at a young age stringing seed beads on fishing line. Abandoning her childhood hobby for years, she earned a Public Relations degree from Texas Tech University. Payne rediscovered jewelry design while working as a marketer for a hospital in San Marcos, Texas. She taught herself to wire wrap and soon found herself in a silversmithing class, commuting to Austin once a week. Her passion quickly evolved into a business, where she fabricates sterling silver into feminine lightweight pieces. Her designs are often paired with semi-precious stones set in her own settings.
Courtney keeps her designs original, and is always
trying to grow as a designer. She is currently working from the Houston area, and although in the past her time consisted of traveling to shows around the United States to share her love of jewelry, she is now mainly showing her work online due to her growing family.  Due to this family shift in her life, Courtney is proud to introduce her new mommy line.  Inspired by the love for her son, and soon to be second child, Courtney has compiled a collection of designs to catch the attention of a mom looking for a special piece. 
Rings, picture from Courtney Marie Jewelry.

Find Courtney Marie Jewelry
Facebook (Once she hits 500 fans she will run 3 giveaways, not including this one).

I'm so honored that I get to share this artisan with you. She is truly a talented professional. Courtney has offered to giveaway the two pieces in the first picture posted, two GORGEOUS sets of earrings that can be worn NINE ways, to a Give Peas A Chance reader! Here is more information on the pieces-

The earrings on the hook measure a little over 1/2 inch in length from the bottom of the earwire.
I'm giving away 2 pairs of earrings as a set.  One set is on a handmade swirl hook wire and hold 4mm Swiss Blue Topaz stones.  The other is a post set that holds 4mm Rhodolite (pink) Garnets.  The beauty of the sets combined, is they create a total of 9 different pairs of earrings!  The set with the hooks can easily be slipped off, rearranged or added to the posts.  I've attached a picture of all the ways these two sets can be worn.
The blue topaz set is $94 and the garnet set is $112. It's a combined value of $206!

I LOVE my rings!
 The giveaway is open to US residents that are 18 years of age and older. Enter below via the Rafflecopter form. Once you enter this giveaway, you'll be sign in to easily enter all other Rafflecopter giveaways- Click here for a list of the giveaways on Give Peas A Chance.

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