Friday, December 23, 2011

Free Friday

I have no clue who made this. So if you know, if it was you PLEASE leave a comment with a link to your post so I can credit you!
Pixie has seen Santa several times. Each time she's seem him she's said that she wants a "Santa present". I, mistakenly thought, awesome, just a present from Santa. Sounds easy peasy. Well, last night I talked to her more about it and asked her if she wanted Santa in a box. She said, "yes, I want a Santa present." "You mean, you want him to be your present?"- me "Yes, I want Santa in a box..."- Pixie. Oh junk. Then she added, "I want a squishy one." and held up her hands and squished an imaginary Santa. WHEW. I can maybe do a squishy one. OY.

JUNK tonight we figured out what Pixie meant each time she talked to Santa about wanting a "Santa present" she literally wants santa. I thought she just wanted a gift LOL. I was like you want him in a box. and she goes, yes but a squishy one. WHEW.
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