Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My Soaptime GIVEAWAY

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I admit, I'm a bit "Monkish". When my first child was born, I carried a small spray bottle of disinfectant spray in my diaper bag to spray changing tables before I put a clean pad on top. That was if I couldn't change her in the stroller or in the car. Even now, I squeeze hand sanitizer on some toilets before my 3 year old climbs on them. What is it with kids and touching every surface of the toilet just to sit on it? I've gotten better. I promise. It's only because I want balance for the girls. 

One thing I do want them to learn, is proper hand washing. Some days they will wash forever and I have to chase them out of the bathrooms, other days they are in such a hurry I wonder if their hands touch the water. The girls sing the ABC song when they aren't in a hurry and it works well. But when they are in a hurry forget about it.
In walks SoapTime and SquidSoap! Both of these products help children to wash their hands for the recommended 20 seconds by the CDC. Such fun products to help kids wash properly. These items are available nationwide at Bed, Bath and Beyond.
Image from mySoapTime.com
The SquidSoap has a red stamp on the top of the bottle. When you pump the soap out, it leaves a red dot on your hand. This encourages children to wash and rub until the dot disappears. So fun! 
Here are facts from the SoapTime site
FDA Approved Temporary Ink
Citrus Scent

Image from mySoapTime.com
The SoapTime soap is targeted to children ages 2-4. The soap bottles come in three fun shapes and a base. When the soap is pumped on the base has LED light shows, and fun songs/facts are played until 20 seconds are up.  The soap is non-Antibacterial/non-toxic, and the base uses 3 AAA batteries and is good for 2,500+ wash cycles.

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